Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thoughts From a Caged Soul

In a land of Broken things,
rooted people and forgotten dreams,
A man was born who had it all,
except his heart, his mind, his soul,
A narrow love was all he knew,
so selfish, so shallow, so black and blue,
Harshly forced to grow up fast,
his heart could not forget his past,
The darkness of the nighttime sky,
brought out the emptiness inside,
Bitterly alone, with a suppressive home,
pain and hate is all he's known,
With dreams of escape, enemy of the state,
hpatiently waited for a shiny clean slate,
Eighteen years pass, he's made it at last,
he's found a chance to be rid of his past,
He gives up the knife, but soon comes new strife,
he's made a mistake that will fuck up his life,
He comes to realize it's the government's lies, 
that cost him what he'd always prized
His freedom is gone, he's back at his "home",
without the strength to carry on, 
No will to fight, no guiding light, 
he begins to see that we've lost our rights
They teach us we're free, but oh please can't you see, 
they want us to think that we're privileged,  
The land of the free, and the home of the brave, 
but the citizen's minds are imprisoned