Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Creativity vs. Stress

Oh creativity, where have you gone? 
Oh creativity, it's been way too long 
Stress tried to kill you, and brought you down for awhile
But youre surging back up, and youre coming in style 
Now you're equipped with the tools that you need
To fight back against stress that is caused by greed
Please fight him off for good, his presence kills joy
It feeds on the mind; it's game is a ploy 
Oh creativity, please fight til the end
Oh creativity, don't ever give in 
You've shown you have fight, now shine your light bright 
And get rid of the darkness stress causes at night 
Oh creativity, you have the power 
To bring happiness in every hour 
Oh creativity, you're stronger than stress 
Show him you're in control and accept nothing less