Friday, November 1, 2013

Death Penalty Awareness

Did you know that in the year 2013, the United States is still putting prisoners to death? You probably did. But do you realize the gravity of the statement "putting prisoners to death." The government literally has the power to end someone's life. It is almost an eye for an eye mentality. You kill someone you are put to death. However doesn't committing the same crime the prisoner is convicted of seem a bit off to you? How does it make sense for us to punish someone for the crime they committed by making them the victim of said crime? It seems a bit barbaric and outdated. It is something an enlightened society would frown upon.

However we do not live in a fully enlightened society. Not yet. Many people do not see the inhumanity in putting prisoners to death, and only think about the logistics or the money. But don't you see its sick and twisted? We should not decide who lives and dies. Who do we nominate to push the button, to be responsible? Why would we force anyone to have to do that? Why do we want to watch others die for their crimes? Prison for life is punishment enough. And if you wanted to talk about money, it is also cheaper than death row. However I believe the dark and twisted side of capital punishment is enough reason to abolish it completely.

 The United States is one of very few developed countries that hasn't done away with the death penalty. The minority of countries that still have the death penalty include Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Cuba, China, Pakistan, and Vietnam. Why are we so far behind on the important subject of humanity? Why have our morals slipped so much? I challenge you to reconsider your stance on the death penalty, and think about if you could press the button. Lets become a better society, and do away with this sick punishment.