Thursday, November 7, 2013

My issues with public schooling

All they want is to control you. Go to school at this time every day, all year, except these months. Say the pledge, than go study these same seven subjects for the next ten years. They say they are preparing us for the real world, but everything they teach has no application. The years are filled with subtle pro United States viewpoints that will create a nice army of patriots when we graduate. If we don't go, our parents can face criminal charges and jail time. But don't worry, they'll send the big yellow bus to come get us every morning, and take us home in the afternoon.

Don't you see they want us all to all look the same? To all think the same? "We don't need no thought control" - Pink Floyd says in their song "Another Brick in the Wall", and they are quite right. We certainly don't need to be told what to think. But much of what comes out of government led education is opinionated and biased. In school the kids pledge their allegiance to the country EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do kids even know what it really means to pledge allegiance to something? Of course they don't! But hell no one is even curious as to why we need to pledge allegiance every day to our country, why kids need to do that.

They want us to get through school and then go to the university, then work forty hours a week til we're dead. Whats the best way to get everyone to do that? Send them to school all day everyday as a kid. Tell them college is the only way, and school needs to be a priority. It's all about control.

I have other problems with school besides government control however. School creates an atmosphere of competition. Kids are graded on everything they do, and told they have to make good grades to essentially ever succeed in life. Is that really appropriate for the children of our country? Do we want the kids who can't handle school at the same pace as others to feel like failures? Do we want the smart kids to feel superior to everyone else? These are the kinds of feelings the current schooling system encourages.

My biggest issue with public schooling lies in the core curriculum. Many students can't get it, won't get it, and won't even ever need it. Many people go on to live lives where calculus and chemistry are never needed! Actually I would argue most people go on to live those lives. So why do they need to be judged on how they preform in those classes? However my main problem with the curriculum is there is nothing involving humanity. We don't learn anything about how to treat other people, or how to deal with our emotions. It might be expected for us to learn that at home, but many children never get that from their parents. If we as humans knew how to interact with each other better the world would be a better place.

One day I hope to start my own private school system. One that would teach about human interaction and emotion management. Until then I can only spread ideas, and hope they catch like a wildfire.