About Ben

I am unorthodox. Writing started as a hobby but I'd like it to turn into more. I want my ideas to spread like fire. My dream is to help more people think for themselves. I absolutely love music. I also enjoy watching football and basketball. I can't stand routine, and the idea of picking a lifelong career disgusts me. I rarely even know what I want to do tomorrow. I am vulgar sometimes and do not sensor. My material will be viewed by many as "out there", but I'm just trying to get it out there.

This blog will contain random pieces of my writing. Sometimes it will be poems, sometimes articles I have written. Some days I may just post links to other people's awesome articles or pieces. I will try to update daily, and hope that you will come back daily. Comment on any post you want and I will try to respond. Follow me on twitter and tumblr, add me on facebook, whatever you use most. Enjoy reading.